Sathar Part 2

Those in positions of power and influence; obscured from the scrutiny of the greater proletariat, have spent centuries engineering how we experience our world – consistently altering substantive aspects of life.  It is now unfashionable to expect a man to dress and comport himself as a man, or a lady to do like-wise.  Children are now “precocious” when slick, out of pocket things come from their mouths.  Such is the insidiousness of the machination platform.  Not only are most of us unaware of its constant influence; but we are so conditioned to its programming, we perform according to its dictates without prompting.  Millions of humans propelled by a phantom; now doing little more than observing the effects of perpetual motion sparked eons ago.  This pertains all humans, but my Asiatic people in particular; as we are in the front seat of this slalom to oblivion.

Understand this, my folk; they are engaging in genocide.  Every summer, the number of inner-city murders escalates – along with the heat index.  I am aware that some among us are of a savage mindset; killing babies, children or elders whether inadvertently or purposefully.

Be aware however, of the power of Sathar to recruit agent forces that can cruise in & out of our community, slaughter us, and hit the interstate, disappearing into the ether.  Couple that with this – Sathar, masters of media, can skew metrics, and disseminate data through the employment of the nightly talking heads, or national rags.

Let’s be mindful-let’s watch our children, watch where they walk & play.  More vigilance is crucial.  Use the CELESTIAL CREATOR within each of us to make more informed choices about the things we do, and how we do them.

I believe that with all the tools they have in the shed,  it’s not out of the scope of actuality that Sathar have come among us – saying we alone are responsible for the swell of deaths in our areas; when the truth is far more nuanced.

When we ingest the pablum, we engender infancy; helplessly floundering.  We have to divorce ourselves from any notion that their stats have value beyond the intended purposes of distraction, deception, oppression, degradation.

Several years ago, a certain few let a potentially influential campus group be told a fairy tale; & rather than rail against the mechanism inexorably, we folded incrementally, until the group was little more than a party committee.  We can’t be like that defeated set of young men and women.  The time tide is waning.  Systematic assassination by those with an agenda of obliteration; & accepting their “black on black’ fantasy insults us, and hastens our defeat.  We should own our complicity for the violence we visit on each other no doubt.  However, don’t be so quick to believe we aren’t being subjected to a spook OP.  Lest you think I’m a conspiracy nut – flashback to the time it was made public that the CIA was actively involved in pumping our streets with venom, and high caliber rapid fire straps.

CoIntelPro was a myth at one time as well, until redacted docs were released showing otherwise.   “Plan Shrinkage” wasn’t real several decades ago, now it’s known far & near as gentrification.

Be easy – Be aware – Be one.

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