Safe and Sound

There was once a place and time  you could run yourself ragged-sun up to sun down…….Never miss a beat. Chill w/ your peoples. Enjoy a meal as you break night – reflecting on the prior evenings’ harmless follies….Catch a digit from an interested female. There was a time you could drop your Cats back home, safe and sound – Wore out, woozy from barbed libation; on the cusp of tore down and urlin’ guts…….but otherwise safe and sound……There was once a place and time you could call your Cats up mid day to make sure heads are clear and ready to roll. Set for yet another night of frolic among the lights, ladies and sounds of the grand old city……Too young and dumb to realize those FreeForm times were losing their shine. Too absorbed in the glorious moments to care-or be aware of the spectre at the far end…….Now youthful Cats are cautious fathers who must temper concern and protectiveness with wisdom…….And pray to the ALMIGHTY that the caveats falls on ears better calibrated than theirs were.

Now the scrap is less prevalent than the strap…….Garrisons and their cameras mind our movements more than the elders on the stoop use to…….And their punishments dole out far more caustic; often nightmarish effects.

Those treasured days are gone now…….Gird your loins, guard your cubs.  Do your best to let them be youths; yet grounded in ways of our ancients. A Tall Order sans question; and yet we know it’s real.





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