Observational Candor

Tec- Tonic plates decimation proliferates…Folks livin in oblivion off them Alter – Ed states.  While others lie in wait to exact a certain measure…To even off the fields where their fore bredren bled.


Inequity….Haves grow exponential off preferential.  And paupers are abused by rank denial of essential.  Every theory and query I ponder gets me leery.  I’m catchin’ masses hookin’ off on  phantoms which are clearly inside the recesses of their tortured orchard. Steppin’ forward with cognizance past/present/future tense.  In order to ensure I endure; I dead illusory.  Slight of hand distracts who was never meant for see.


We salivates for status quo; oppress dissenters.  Mothers wail – invaders trample their defenders’ embers.  But I see ’em approach in column form and even random…Scanned ’em…Dispatch single file,  three across and tandem.  Hogtied with they own propaganda; brand ’em…Then send ’em home to Hades with the lesson that I hand ’em….


No longer by pugilism –  My intellect is bludgeon…Though I was formerly known as 7:30’s runnin’ cousin.  This Dark Hornet is cuttin’ silent ignorance with buzzin’.  If I fail; it’s on me.  Don’t put it on no baker’s dozen.


Final Note:  I run it live so the quotient ain’t just apparent – but evident of true thought ascent.  May these metaphors expurgate the floors of all delusion…Those who’ve been victimized may yet reclaim what thieves are usin’

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